Tom Souverain

As a passionate creative person, I am especially interested in visual communication in all its aspects. Therefore, I am able to analyze a need, express it and successfully respond to it, through the conception of appropriate communication media. In short, starting from a basic idea, and manage to make it a purposeful, practical and coherent piece of design.

At the same time, I am trying to extend my artistic culture and to develop my own creativity, by constantly watching for new trends. This inherent curiosity allows me to design current and original creations.


Some companies I worked with as a designer.


As a designer, I handle several disciplines. It is the guarantee to create coherent and successful projects.

Visual Identity

Graphic charter, Logotype, Styleguide.


Sketching, Vectoring, Coloring.


Storyboard, Motion design, Video editing.

Web Design

Landing Pages, CMS, Newsletters.

Product Design

User journeys, Wireframes, UI.


Page layout, Packaging, Ads.


I had the chance to learn a lot with communication experts during my studies.


Associate’s Degree
Communication Services and Networks

Studied in the IUT of Dijon, France.
French equivalent of DUT Services et Réseaux de Communication.


Bachelor’s Degree
Communication Activities and Techniques

Studied in the IUT of Dijon, France.
French equivalent of Licence professionnelle Activités et Techniques de Communication.


Master’s Degree
Communication 365°

Studied in the European Communication School in Paris, France.
French equivalent of Master Communication 365°.