Illustration, Motion Design, Character Animation
Illustrator, After Effects, Audition

This is the work I made for Fnac (a retail chain selling cultural and electronic products mostly). They are working on a new information system charter and they had to communicate about it in a playful and easy way. Here are some gifs from the video (for confidentiality reasons I was not able to share the whole video, especially because of the audio)

Make it easy

The main goal of this video was to make the subject appealing. This is a very complex subject, but still it need to be understood by everyone, as it is a legal/security subject. That’s why we chose to use a playful design. Moreover because it was for internal communication only.


To make this subject understandable for everyone, we chose to make it pretty straightforward. For example, by representing abstract concepts with simplified illustrations. Like disarming a bomb to represent the risks.