Illustration, Motion Design, Storyboard
Illustrator, After Effects, Audition

This motion design was made during my position as graphic designer at Fnac. The goal was to make accessible and fun a subject of computer security, namely a very important change of European regulation (the GDPR). This motion design was made to attract attention with a playful and colorful visual identity, taking the codes of flat design. It is a « gateway » to other media that are more complete, which go into more details.

Time spent: approximately 45 hours, including raw data organization, storyboarding, vector creation on Illustrator, animation on After Effects, audio recording, calibration, and returns.

A major challenge

Fnac is a gigantic brand, which processes the data of millions of customers in a multitude of countries in Europe.

Financial risk

In order to prevent rather than cure, we wanted to inform our employees of the financial impact that bad practices could have.

Everybody is concerned

At Fnac, everyone is confronted, from near and far, with personal information about our customers. Of course sellers, but also developers, designers, photographers … It can be credit card infos, a photo, a mail address, geolocalization…

The video

The video was made entirely internally, for internal use.