Scenario, Storyboard, Motion Design
Sketch, Illustrator, After Effects

In order to communicate to the Qonto audience about our features, we chose the video format. The idea was to illutrate in a clean/minimalist way our key features. It was also a good way to show that our app is design centric, with floating UI elements like a dribbble shot.

This video was hosted on Youtube, as a Youtube Ads, and actually counts more than 370 000 views. This marketing operation was a great success and improved our number of customers drastically!


views on youtube


from scratch to final

Talk to all our customers

We wanted to talk to all our users : small, medium and large teams. We tried our best to put all of those intersting features in this video. Qonto is about making the professional neobank every entrepreneurs love.

Freelance features

Adding attchments to transactions and notes can be seen as a freelance feature. It helps them to organize their transactions.

Team features

Mastercard limits is one of the features that was designed for team users.